Survival Knife

Bear Grylls survival knife with sheath in leaves

A well built and reliable survival knife is probably going to be your best friend when you find yourself in a situation that requires it. It can be used not just for cutting things but it can also be used to dig holes, used as a sparking tool to start fires, a hunting weapon and also a bit of psychological alleviation, that’s because it’s probably going to save your life.

There are a few things that you are going to want to consider when you are buying your next survival knife. The first is that it should be full tang construction. This means that the metal the the blade is made from foes right up into the handle, This sill ensure that it is a properly balanced weapon and wont break as easily as a poorly made knife.

You also want to think about the coloring of the knife. A lot of hunters out there want everything on them to be camouflage, but if they drop a camouflage item in the dark, they are not going to be able to find it again without a source of light. This is why the best survival knives are made from highly noticeable, unnatural colors like neon colors, oranges, reds and some other noticeable colors.

Some survival knives are going to have various attachments and extras that make surviving a lot easier. On certain knives you can find things like matches, fishing wire and hooks in the handle. This is a pretty good idea, but it also meant that the knife is not full tang and is going to break easier. Other knives come with items attached to the sheath. I personally use the Bear Gryllis Knife that you can see in the pictures and it comes with a sharpener and a magnesium fire starter with a bit of the back of the blade sharpened to make lighting fires easier.

Modern survival knife designers have been putting extra care into their knife designs recently and you can see this by their choice of materials, Good survival knives currently have soft rubberized grips to ensure that even though your are weak from hunger and weak from the cold, you will still be able to hang onto your trusted knife while you preform your various life saving tasks.

A well built survival knife is not just your best friend during an emergency, it is also your primary weapon during these arduous times. You can easily lash it to a stick to make a spear or attach it to a trap to catch and kill bigger game. No matter what you need to do in the wilds, urban or otherwise, the survival knife will see you through it with ease.


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