The Bare Minimum of Prepping

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about preparing for a doomsday scenario.

Mostly, the psychology of preparing for failure. It’s that kind of negative thinking that stems from peoplesĀ fear of the unknown.

With that being said, a bit of prepping is definitely going to keep you safe if the s**t hits the fan. So I find myself torn between keeping a positive and hopeful view of the future and the pessimistic view that we are doomed.

Which brings my thinking to doing the absolute bare minimum when it comes to prepping.

There are so many things that people can do and have done to prepare for a TEOTWAWKI scenario. The most extreme that I can think of is getting a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

A cabin is not the best option for everyday folks like you and me, but I think that, if you or anyone else wants to prep and still be optimistic about the future, a bug out bag is the best option.

I’ve probably said it many times before, but a back pack stocked with some basic supplies can be a life saver if you need it.

I can’t really tell you what you need to put in that bag, it depends on where you spend most of your time. A go bag for some who likes to be out in the forest is going to be much different than someone who spends their time in the concrete jungle.

If you are looking some advice about building your bug out bag, here is a nice article that I wrote about the topic. Bug Out Bag.

If you are looking for something small that can fit in your pocket, the absolute minimum is a small knife. Get one of those tiny key chain knives, it is going to be more useful than you can imagine.

An added side effect of carrying a pocket knife is that people look at you differently. Not out of fear though, people gravitate towards you because they know that you are the guy who is so good with tools that he carries one with him at all times. (Or her… I don’t discriminate, I just write from my own perspective.)

So carrying a pocket knife is the bare minimum that you can do to prep for a bad scenario.


Justin Trovrt has been in plenty of situations that require a level of survival instincts that daily life can not provide. He knows that knowledge is power and wished to share some of his power with anyone who is willing to listen. Follow him at

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