Rabbit Breeding

Domestic Rabbit in a Cage with Fresh Wood Shavings

Most people have heard of the term “Multiplying like Rabbits” but not everyone realizes that his old saying might save their life some day. Because rabbits are such prolific breeders, they are going to be great to eat and farm during an apocalyptic survival situation. It is also beneficial to breed rabbits during a survival situation because they are going to make new offspring every few months, which will provide some much needed protein on a regular basis.

I would not recommend letting children get too attached to the cute, furry little creatures, because they are going to be in for a world of heartbreak when they come to the realization that they are going to be killed and eaten soon.

It is quite easy to make yourself a rabbit hutch and if you do it right, you are going to have to do a lot less cleaning of their cages on a regular basis. If their droppings can just be swept out of the bottom of the cage, the turds that they are going to leave behind will make excellent worm food. The worms will in turn, feed the garden with nutrients and the garden will feed the rabbits. It can all become its own little ecosystem if it is done properly. One tip that I want to give is that worms and not eat dry rabbit poop so you are going to have to keep it moist, while keeping your livestock rabbits dry.


The Dangers of an All Rabbit Diet.

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit#As_food_and_clothing rabbits taste like chicken and eating too much of it can cause rabbit starvation, which is basically too much protein and not enough fats in your diet. Vegetarians have been living a fat free lifestyle for decades but they manage to stay alive because of the fatty acids that are found in the plants that they consume. If you only have a small amount of rabbit meat each day, and mix in a wide variety of other meats and vegetables, you are not going to suffer any of the effects of rabbit fever. Where to Find Rabbits.

Rabbits are a lot more abundant than you think they are. If you live in a urban environment, you are going to want to go to your local animal shelter to “adopt” a few breeding pairs for your new farm. If you are in the suburbs, you can find rabbits around any small wooded area or unkempt field. In a suburban environment, rabbits can easily be caught with a small animal trap that can be found in any local hardware store. If you are in desperate need of food right away, a rabbit can be taken down with a slingshot, a pellet rifle, a well aimed rock, or even a throwing stick. You best bet is still a live capture though. This will ensure that you are going to have food for the long term instead of just your immediate needs. Other Rabbit Benefits.

Another benefit of having your own rabbit farm will be the pelts that they produce. Rabbit fur is not only soft, but incredibly warm as well. I strongly suggest that you learn to skin a rabbit because you might be able to barter the pelts for something that is going to be more valuable to you, like vegetables or whiskey.

If this all sounds easy to you, that is because it is. Rabbits require very little maintenance and the benefits of breeding rabbits for livestock might just keep you alive for a lot longer that you would believe.


Justin Trovrt has been in plenty of situations that require a level of survival instincts that daily life can not provide. He knows that knowledge is power and wished to share some of his power with anyone who is willing to listen. Follow him at Twitter.com/Trovrt

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