Finding Shelter

A found shelter that could be made permanent.

Shelter is one of the basic needs of life. If you plan on living as long as you possibly can and don’t have the time to build a proper shelter, you are going to need to find an adequate shelter and find it fast.

A shelter can be anything that protects you from the elements. From a bunch of news papers thrown over yourself while living on the streets to a gazillion dollar mansion, tucked away in the hills somewhere. This particular page is just about finding a shelter that is already made and suitable for you to either establish a permanent home, or just a quick stop for the night.

The types of shelters that you will find in a disastrous situation depend completely on where you are and what your situation is. For example, if you find yourself lost in the woods on a rainy night, your best bet is find an overhang of rock or possibly a fallen tree that has enough room and is safe enough to stay underneath it.

A found shelter underneath a fallen tree.

Another situation that I personally like to think about is war. Well, It’s not that I enjoy thinking about something as horrible as that, it’s just a bit of a mental exercise to consider all of the various outcomes and situations that could arise.

If you are in this kind of situation, your best bet depends on whether you are rural or urban and what kind of situation you find yourself in. If you are living near a military base that might be a target, you are going to want to head as far from it as you can. If you are a farmer with silos full of food, make sure you consider the possibility that an invading army might come along and replenish its self with your hard earned livelihood.

I think that the suburbs would be a good place for urban dwellers to seek refuge during war because it really isn’t a military target. Most people out there are good and decent folks and are more than willing to provide shelter to a stranger in need, as long as you can show that you will not be a burden on them.

Improvise basement nuclear fallout shelter.

War is always the first scenario because it has the highest likelihood of actually happening. But what if you were relatively close to a nuclear bomb detonation? What then? The best place to find shelter after a nuclear detonation is behind as much concrete as you can possibly get behind. This will ensure that your chances of getting cancer from radiation are a lot lower.

Also, make sure that you clearly signal that you are hiding there. This will ensure that rescue crews can find you and escort you to safety. Spray paint, permanent markers or whatever you can improvise will be enough to let people know that you are in need of rescue. If you are looking for more detailed advice you can check out this page aboutnuclear disasters.

There are so many different places to hide and reasons to find shelter that I could spend the next year of my life postulating on the various scenarios that my twisted brain can come up. The only real advice that I can give about finding shelter is to make sure that is stable and will not collapse on you, make sure that if you need to hide, it is well hidden and always remember that your quickly found shelter might be your safe zone for a very long time. So choose wisely my friends.


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