Survival Gear

There are a few things that any adventurer is going to want to bring with them on their journey through their chosen wilderness.

There are even a few items that you might want to consider carrying with you during your daily routine, just in case of an emergency. Items like a pocket knife, a para-cord bracelet and a fire starter might not be used during your 9-5 day, but it is always better to have something and not need it instead of needing it and not having it.

If, like many people around the globe, you are an adventurous outdoors type of person that enjoys being miles away from civilization, then there are some items that you are definitely going to need to bring with you, no matter what you are planning on doing. Theses pieces of emergency survival gear could save you life so don’t forget them.

The first thing that any one is going to want is knowledge of survival, but that is on another page and this page is all about the gear that you should bring. You need to think about the terrain that you are going to be on and what is the best equipment for that particular environment. If you are in a desert, you need more water and possibly an easy way to purify water. If you are in an arctic environment, you need to stay warm with some space blankets and fire.

No matter what problems the environment that you are in poses, there are always essential items that you need to survive. Fire is not just important to sterilize water and cook food, it also provides a feeling of accomplishment to get one started without the use of matches or lighters. Figuring out what resources are available to you and use them to create a fire is what most people are going to have to do, but with a bit of forethought you can easily bring a lighter, matches, or magnesium sparker with you to make that task a lot easier. Water has to be cleaned, this means that you need that fire to biol it for at least 5 minutes to properly sterilize it. You can also filter your water to remove contaminates, but the best way to properly and effectively clean some drinking water is to distill it. To do this, you need to create some form of solar still or fire based distillery.


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