Eating Bugs

Bear Grylls looking at the huge maggot larva that he is about to eat.

Food is an absolute necessity if you are going to have to survive in a situation that leaves you with out access to the convenient grocery stores that we have all came to love. If you do find your self in a survival situation you are going to have to prepare yourself to eat some things that you would normally disgust you.

Some of these goodies include bugs, wild plants and roots, squirrels, rats and other rodents, and bird eggs. This is just a small list of things that you can eat in the wild, you are going to have to be creative and adaptable depending on the situation that you are in. Also, frogs, turtles, snakes, dogs and cats can also be eaten.

Eating your beloved pets is not out of the equation either. If you sister, who you love and would do nothing to hurt her, has rabbits, guinea pigs, or any other critter like that, they can be on the menu. Your best bet is to find a mating pair of bunnies so you can have a long lasting source of protein rich food. I have heard that eating nothing but rabbit can be bad for your health though. Too much protein in the rabbit meat can make you sick, so be sure to moderate your intake of any one item, not just adorable bunnies.

An attractive plate full of delicious looking insects

Wild edible plants can be found any where around the world. I strongly suggest that you learn about your local flora to get a better idea of what you can and can not eat. Marsh weed roots are edible and a great and easy source of the essential vitamins that plants provide. In some survival situations, like deserts, you are not going to find many plants, so you are going to have to rely on the bugs and other small critters that inhabit that dangerous place.

However, if you do find yourself in the desert with no supplies, you are going to want to focus all of your energies on finding water before any thing else. They say that humans can go three days with out water, but that is only in optimal conditions. In a desert it might only be a few hours before you find yourself dehydrated and eventually dead.

Nothing is sacred if you are in a survival situation where your life is in danger if you don’t get some food in your tummy. This means that as you make your way through a swampy area to search for whatever you can find and you come through the reed only to see a majestic whooping crane before you glistening in the sunlight, you are going to want to kill it quick before it gets away. Endangered species are good eating, that is why they are endangered. Make sure that you carry some kind of throwing stick or weapon with you at all times.

So that is all of the easy nice clean delicious foods that you can find, now it is time to eat some bugs. They are nasty and some are poisonous so make sure that you know what you are doing before you just start eating everything that moves. A good rule to remember is that brightly colored bugs are poisonous because they don’t care if any predators see them. Grubs and other larval stage insects are good to eat, but you are going to want to make sure that you cook them thoroughly because they might have parasites that will make you sick.

Diarrhea is a terrible way to die, but people still go out that way. In fact, if there is one lesson that you can learn from this article, it is to COOK EVERYTHING THAT YOU FIND. So keep that in mind and you will live longer and possibly thrive in the wilderness.


Justin Trovrt has been in plenty of situations that require a level of survival instincts that daily life can not provide. He knows that knowledge is power and wished to share some of his power with anyone who is willing to listen. Follow him at

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