Nuclear War With North Korea – Infographic

I don’t know about you, but lately, I’ve been on edge. I can’t help but feel honest fear and worry as I watch two spoiled rich kids insult each other on a global stage. Normally, I would just have a chuckle about this but the fact that these two blustering blowhards are armed with nuclear weapons really makes this something to be concerned about.

I know that The United States of America has the biggest military in the world and probably the most nukes ready to go, but what I’ve always wondered was, whether they had the capabilities to stop the nukes that might be lobbed at them. I still have no idea if they could, but thanks to this infographic that I just received from Jessica at, I now know exactly how many nukes North Korea actually has.

My fears are slightly reduced but there is still a lot of information on this that you might not have realized, like who has the bigger navy, I’ll bet that you didn’t expect this fact, I sure didn’t.

So sit back, absorb this info and realize that North Korea really isn’t that much of a threat to a massive power like the united States Of America.




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